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ms_pepper_potts's Journal

Miss Pepper Potts
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Pepper has been working for Tony Stark for nearly twenty years, enough time to build up a reputation among the press. Things were going as they normally had until the trip to Dubai went wrong. Tony was en route back to the compound when the convoy he was in was attacked. The soldiers were killed and Tony went missing. Pepper worried for Tony's life, but still continued working as best as was possible under Stane's control of Stark Industries. Lieutenant Colonel Rhodes remained as optimistic as anybody could be in this situation and would run checks over the desert close to where Tony had disappeared. Three months after the disappearance, Rhodes' squad managed to find Tony and brought him back to Los Angeles.

Tony was not the same man anymore. Pepper saw a marked change in him. His dry-witted personality was still in place, but there was a dogged determination that hadn't been there before.Tony had become a man who had found a purpose. She watched him change his entire approach to his company. It wasn't just his personality that had changed, but there were physical changes as well, such as there was now a shiny blue mental piece in Tony's chest. It kept him alive and that was all that really mattered to Pepper. After Tony did an upgrade on his personal arc generator, he asked Pepper to throw away the former. She is unable to do this, however. Instead, she takes the piece, mounts it on a base that has the words, "Proof that Tony Stark has a heart" and gives it to him. He claims to not be sentimental, but she knows otherwise.

Pepper had concern for Tony, but she did not doubt his shift in personality and his new lease on life; however, this wasn't completely true when he came back from his first mission. He started sounding like an obsessed man, his focus was so much on making a difference -himself-. Not by the works of his company, but by himself, in the armor he had fashioned. Pepper's allegiance to Tony wavered because she was going to be damned if she saw him go out and get himself killed. But she cannot stay away for very long at all and continues working for him. After the evening of the gala that Pepper would rather soon forget, Tony asks her to log onto his computer to find the shipments that went to the terrorists. Pepper finds this and more than she had expected: also in the hidden files are: the video communication that was filmed with Tony as a hostage and blueprints for a new suit. Before she can get this information to Tony, she is first caught by Stane, who she is quickly able to get away from nearly without a hitch. By her luck, she meets Agent Phil Coulson of the Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement, and Logistics Division in the lobby of Stark Industries and pulls him along with her, promising him that she get him that debriefing he's been pressing for a while now. Coulson calls on other SHIELD agents and they go to investigate Stane's secret room, but not before they are met by Stane in the Iron Monger suit.

As a means of stopping Stane, Tony sends Pepper to overload the reactor. The overload kills Stane, but it also destroys the lab.

The next day, a press conference is held. Pepper, along with Rhodes and Agent Coulson, tell Tony that he has to play to the script that Agent Coulson has given him--but in true Tony Stark fashion, this isn't what happens. Instead, Tony admits that he's Iron Man. Once again, Pepper finds herself just outside the spotlight of the media circus that encircles her boss and has to deal with this new direction life has taken them.


Pepper's very good natured, friendly, but not overly. Professional, but can be casual if the situation calls for it. She works well with her peers and other associates. She's dedicated to her job (too far, in fact, in the way that her job is her life), works very hard, and is just excellent at what she does. She acts out of certainty, and attempts to maintain this even when getting into situations she hasn't experienced before--which, in that case, she's not afraid to admit that she has never faced such a situation before, at least to people that she knows.

Pepper can be emotional and has difficulty tempering those emotions when she is under a lot of pressure. Normally, however, she keeps those emotions in check (though she has been known to target Tony with those emotions--but she is working on it!) Her head and heart do not normally get along when emotions are running high. In cases like this, her heart usually wins. Though she has held romantic feelings for her boss for many a year, she always found excuses to avoid it. She has now found some acceptance with her feelings and she is a little willing to explore those feelings.

Tony has a way of bringing out the best and worst in Pepper. Since Tony became Iron Man, Pepper finds herself doing incredible things for Tony that she never thought she would be capable of doing--including icky things in order to save her boss's life. With time, Pepper is growing to accept the other part of Tony's life and is becoming confident in her abilities to help Tony.


Pepper Potts is a creation of Marvel Comics and therefore does not belong to me. She's being used for fun in roleplay and there is no profit being made here. I also do not have anything to do with Gwyneth Paltrow, the lovely actress who portrays Pepper in Iron Man, Iron Man 2 and The Avengers.

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